The traditional education systems often fail to impart the job-aspiring professional with the much needed competitive edge by the time he/she passes out from the system. Neither does he/she realise that they are getting exposed to the professional world as an unfinished product. In this era of extreme volatility between economic blockades and economic boom, corporate world has undergone a big evolution so as to win in the hunt for the best talents and get their hands on them before anyone else does it. This is where a ‘Real Talent’ gets benefited - a candidate who has acquired the knowledge and hands-on experience in the industrial domain he/she aspires to be a part of.

With the new technological advancements, the ever-increasing demand for highly skilled professionals could only be seemed to get a quantum leap in the coming years and hence more and more candidates will focus on these professional courses which have become all the more important than any time in the past. Corporate world also strives to hire trained professionals to make sure that their in-house training budget will stay as minimal as possible (a trend which is highly visible among the companies that used to induct fresher candidates in bulk). This increased need for job-aspiring and tech-loving skilled professionals who have the penchant to get a valid job-oriented and industry-synergised training has made the dept. of professional training courses the-need-of-the-time. This is where BigLeap makes the headway by launching the training services in the hottest domains making all the headlines today and which would change the world of IT forever.


.NET is quite simply the backbone of software development industry. This meticulous platform is essential for undertaking different aspects of software development ranging from accessing data to establishing internet connectivity in software applications. The far reaching nature of .NET makes it a vital part of every software company. So if you are well versed in .NET you will not find it difficult to land jobs in leading software companies.

The .NET development training program of Big Leap is led by industry experts who will help you learn the latest of the .NET platform. Through this extensive and in-depth training program you will learn to develop and implement software applications. We believe in providing practical knowledge to our students, so we will turn you into an ‘industry ready’ talent at the end of training course.


PHP is one of the simplest tools out there for publishing information on the web. It is this simplicity of PHP that has helped it in becoming one of the most popular and powerful web development tools. It is estimated that around two-thirds of the Internet uses in PHP in some form. So it is no surprise that PHP coders are hot property in the job market right now. More importantly, all kinds of firm-from big multinational companies to small start-ups- are hiring talented PHP programmers to develop and manage highly scalable online databases. So an excellent knowledge in PHP will surely help you land your dream job in IT sector.


Among enterprises, Android App developers are in great demand, and this demand is further reported to grow beyond leaps and bounds. This simply means that upon you gain Android training and get the certification, you may expect a substantial amount of salary growth, promotion and rewards. If you plan to join the revolution, there is no specific time or stage to do so. You can be a college graduate, a fresher or an industry veteran, taking an Android Training and certification program and learning the concepts will give you added edge to get hired as an android app developer to gain best out of the technology market.


JAVA is a programming atmosphere to develop and deploy enterprise applications. It is important for information technology industry to develop and create multiple web-based or server based applications to enhance the industrial competency. The Java ecosystem is self-sustaining. From mobility (Android) to middleware (Hadoop), Java will continue to make a big impact.

Cyber Security

Over the last decade, the cyber community has transcended every limit and continues to grow with an unbelievable pace. These changes as unexpected have come not without a detrimental effect though. Internet, quite often seen as a source for education and a tool for knowledge-gain is sometimes used or rather misused for personal and institutional gain, which will be a disaster for many. The ever-increasing rate of cyber-attacks, cyber-thefts and cyber-incursions lead us to put Cyber-Security in the place. Just like an anti-virus detecting the presence of virus in your system and then arresting or even annihilating it, well-conceived Cyber-Security measures help you to safeguard your business/valuable information from these cyber-threats and make the system inscrutable to the cyber-pirates. Here is where a need to learn the know-how of Cyber-Security, its concepts and techniques rises above everything else and become a matter of paramount importance to the corporate as well as tech-aspirants at the same time. No wonder that people trained in Cyber- Security move into the corporate world’s big-league with utmost ease. Want to be a part of Business/Information security team of a leading corporate or possibly a key member of any of the leading Intelligence agencies? Earn your expertise in Cyber-Security @ BigLeap and it will help you get yourself where you want to be!


Cloud Computing is simply a term used to describe the technique where the computing resource is rendered as a service over a network connection – INTERNET. Cloud computing is therefore a type of computing that depends on the unique virtue of sharing a common physical or virtual set of resources. One of the stand-out features of cloud computing is the flexibility it offers through scalability. In Business, ‘Move to Cloud’ is now one of the most heard terms as it offers more flexibility and stability in business. We offer two kinds of courses in Cloud – a basic program in AWS – Amazon Web Services and a detailed program making the candidate perfectly equipped with the cloud computing technologies.


The speed and efficiency in analyzing the whole data that streams into the data warehouse of an organization should be as helpful as the data it is when analyzing it and getting the corresponding answers from it immediately with precision and accuracy so as to identify insights that helps in quick decision making. To get steadfast answers for hard-to- solve puzzling problems and unveil the possibilities of finding an extra opportunity in business, organizations now look up to Big Data Analytics as the ideal solution. At BigLeap, for any candidate - Data Engineer, Data Scientist, Data Analyst – whatever his/her preferred destination be, we offer him/her the perfect training service. We have five programs in Analytics:

  • Hadoop Developer
  • Hadoop Administration
  • Hadoop Dev. & Administration
  • Data Science
  • Hadoop Data Science


Sometimes, few changes can make a big impact; few things can make all the difference between ordinary and extra-ordinary. We’re talking about a leading technology that really is on its way to change this world forever – Internet of Things. Networking of mechanical/electro-mechanical devices or any physical objects to receive and send information or exchange data. How does a Biochip Transponder injected to a snake’s body help diagnose its internal characteristics and variations within its body and communicate the same with a system monitoring it in an interpretable format? Answer is simple – Internet of Things or IOT as we fondly call it. If you feel that you should be one among the few those would proudly tell ‘Yes, we’re those IOT guys’ in the future, BigLeap is here to help you make that dream realised.


Cross Platform Mobile Application Development is the process of developing a mobile application to run across different mobile platforms. A mobile platform is literally a mobile operating system. Hybrid apps make them more appealing to the users and naturally possess an edge over the single- platform apps. Apple’s mobile operating system is called iOS, Google’s mobile platform is Android, RIM has Blackberry, and Windows has Windows Mobile.  Each of them has its own rules, regulations, and requirements to make a mobile application. For instance iOS mobile apps require the use of Objective C, whereas Android mobile applications use Java.

So, it is imminent that a person aspiring for a job in app development industry should have keenness and that innate yearn for learning the basic and the latest technologies involved.

Here at BigLeap, we promise to induct you with the best knowledge in a wonderfully serene learning environment so as to help you learn at your convenience with the help of our veteran trainers.

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