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BigLeap offers a wide range of training and placement facilities to engineering students to make them corporate-fit so as to crack the recruitment processes and land a job of amiable reputation. We have also developed a cloud based Employability Skills Enhancement Technology Solution with an objective to connect higher education institutions with the corporate world by offering an integrated Learning, Assessment and Placement Platform (


    India churns out millions of graduates each year but less than half of them are "employable"or possess the basic skills necessary for any industry role. For India to maintain its competitive advantage, the educational institutions need to produce industry-ready candidates.This requires substantial intervention on part of higher education institutions to impart IT and placement skills to students.

    According to the surveys carried out by a number of agencies, approximately 80 percent of our engineering graduates are not employable. A very recent study has found that employability with regard to IT product companies is as low as 3.21% (amongst computer or circuit stream branches), whereas employability with regard to IT services companies is 17.84% (where in the company gives 3-6 months of in-house training). This shows the pathetic scenario of placements wherein 90% of the circuit stream engineering graduates aspire to be in an IT services ground.

    To be at the forefront of innovation and achieve higher growth, it is necessary that higher-order work with regard to product development and research grows in India apart from the services industry. To facilitate the same, the product engineering employability needs to be improved from the current figure of 3.21%.

    The first and foremost solution to this problem is to develop a process of giving guidance and inspiration to students regarding the ways to increase employability skill from time to time in order to be excellent employees along with imparting professional skills and IT training.

    Our objective is to improve the current campus placement rate of 5% to at least 35% by our skill development interventions. Once this target is achieved in Kerala by 2017-18, the same model would be replicated in the neighboring states; later on, the project could be developed as a breakthrough in improving placements across the country by 2022.

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    Gaining job-oriented training in addition to the academics has seriously become the need of the hour. Since there is a gap between the industry and academics, there is a much broader gap in getting placed into these flourishing industries. The Indian IT industry which was growing at the rate of 30% has decelerated to 10.2% for the past few years. The demand for qualified professionals in the field has understandably gone down too.

    As a matter of fact, students of Kerala need to take the audacity to drift from their normal education system and start focusing on developing the latest technological competency. They should possess hands-on expertise on any promising technology by the time they graduate. Here, we provide you a list of trainings in these technologies of future.

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