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BigLeap Solutions Pvt Ltd is a privately owned employability solutions, IT services and HR outsourcing organization that delivers real results to businesses across industries. BigLeap, founded in the year 2000 pioneered the concept of Job Fairs in India and gave a new perspective for the recruitment industry which until then was employer-centric. BigLeap had organized numerous job fairs and recruitment drives for major IT & Non-IT MNC’s since then and hence established itself as a household name for engineering campuses and students across the state of Kerala. Then it came as an epiphany to its leadership that all these events shared one remarkable trend to go along with it – only a very few number getting recruited. ‘Recruitment Fairs’ that clearly fail by a big margin to live up to the literal meaning it conveys. Whether product-based or service-based, MNC or SME, the numbers getting recruited or the ‘hit-ratio’ remained alarmingly low. This finding lifted the veil that had masked us from being rewarded for our efforts till then. This is when BigLeap started meticulously doing researches on how the numbers getting to the elated zone could be improved. The realization that only Employability begets Employment made our search more peering. Constant researches and brainstorming sessions with our partners of immense quality joining hands with us for this venture have helped us design a mutually linked triangular model to achieve employability with its three vertices representing corporate, candidate and college. Our mission is to achieve an employability index of 25% (placement in MNC’s or 1st tier companies) for the engineering colleges in Kerala by the year 2020.

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BigLeap has a team of proficient and trained recruitment consultants that strives towards providing assistance to organizations in recognizing, screening, assessing, recruiting and on-boarding the best available talent.

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News & Events

  • 29 st July

    List of candidates selected for second round, Recruitment held on 22nd & 23rd July 2016 at Bigleap Solutions Pvt Ltd Mankavu.

  • 21 st July

    List of candidates selected for second round, Recruitment held on 15th & 16th July 2016 at Bigleap City Center.

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